The Five Ages of our Contemporary Juggling Act, with Harvard Prof. Claudia Goldin
The Power & Promise of Mature Humans
No Sex, No Babies, Lots of Loneliness, Ageing Societies and Shrinking Populations
Terri Harrington: A Super-Lawyer Goes Back to School Listen now (36 min) | Terri Harrington is one of the members of the first cohort of a new program at the University of Colorado Denver, called…
Or Drinking from a Hosepipe
Claudia Goldin: 100 Years of Women Combining (or not) Career & FamilyListen now (40 min) | For International Women’s Day, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox is delighted to have Professor Claudia Goldin join her on 4-Quarter Lives…
Q1 Check Ins & Evaluations
Barbara Waxman: Leaning Into MiddlescenceListen now (28 min) | The guest this week in 4-Quarter Lives is Barbara Waxman, whose work Avivah Wittenberg-Cox came across early on in her exploration…

February 2023

Sheltering From the World, the News and the Inbox
Dawn Browne: FULLERS - A Company that Thrives on Generational BalanceListen now (32 min) | In this week’s episode of 4-Quarter Lives, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox talks with Dawn Browne. Dawn is the People & Talent Director of…
Are you a Close-By or a Faraway?
The Fastest Growing Market in the World - The Old(er)Listen now (39 min) | Stage (Not Age) author Susan Wilner Golden