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Terri Harrington: A Super-Lawyer Goes Back to School

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You are likely to live longer than you think. Are you ready? Science has gifted us ever longer, 100-year lives. This impacts… everything! From couples and careers - to companies and countries. We’ll interview the experts who are exploring the consequences – and the individuals applying it to their own lives and choices. Generational and gender expert Avivah Wittenberg-Cox talks with people designing new ways of living, working and loving at all ages – across life’s 4 quarters.
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Terri Harrington is one of the members of the first cohort of a new program at the University of Colorado Denver, called Change-Makers. In this podcast series so far, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox has talked with people who have gone through equivalent programs at Harvard and Stanford, and she has been intrigued to see new options opening up at a number of other schools not only in the US but in other countries. In this conversation she was keen to understand what the Denver program is offering, what drew Terri to it, and what she is hoping to emerge from this shift in direction after a lifetime in the law.

Terri Harrington is a founding attorney of Harrington Brewster Mahoney Smits law firm in Denver, Colorado. In this role she has practiced law for over 40 years, providing counsel and support to clients throughout the greater Denver area and across Colorado. Her specialization has been in family law, mediation, conflict coaching and divorce. She is an ardent advocate of mediation in family disputes as an alternative to litigation and lectures on collaborative law, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution. She formerly served many years on the executive council of the Family Law Section of the Colorado Bar, was a board member of the Colorado Collaborative Law Professionals and is a current member of the Rocky Mountain Collaborative Law Professionals. Terri worked tirelessly for ten years until Colorado enacted the Colorado Collaborative Law Act in 2021. She was awarded the ICON award in 2022 by the Family Law Bar.

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